Following is a brief description of each committee’s function. For more information please contact the Executive Assistant, Andrea Raspa.

Program Committee

The IBTR program committee is responsible for the organization of our monthly luncheon meeting and seminar content. Monthly luncheons frequently offer the opportunity to listen to industry leaders speaking on a variety of topics that keep our members informed on current trends.

The program committee also organizes special events and seminars, including Broker Group Forums.

Chair Bennett McBride
Co-Chair Andrea Raspa

Membership Committee

IBTR membership represents the following for its members:

  • A grassroot source for industry lobbying and representation, information exchange and professional development.
  • An Intermediary through which members may liaise with the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario and the Insurance Brokers of Canada.
  • Networking Forums in the way of monthly Luncheons/Meetings, usually addressed by Industry Leaders and Experts, on current topics and issues.
  • Enhanced public image and recognition though the National Broker Identity Program advertising.
  • Provides effective voice for members concerns, with a collective strength of more than 8000 brokers in Ontario.

Chair Andrea Raspa

Political Action

IBTR’s political activities contribute to the national “Grass Roots” campaign designed by IBAC. We have identified and assisted local brokers with visits to local MP’s and MPP’s in the past to ensure our message is heard in each riding. In 1998 we created a database of our members indicating which region they live and vote in order to be ready with member representatives in each GTA provincial and federal riding when we require a message to be sent to our government.

Chair Brooke Hunter

Automation Committee

This committee is responsible for what you see now and also ensures it is updated. We continually are looking for ways to improve our internet presence.

Chairperson Alex Guthrie

Education Committee

This committee’s primary function is to help make available education to its members through seminars, luncheons and organized courses. The benefit to the membership is that the subject material is not only timely and informative but cost effective for all members. We are continually looking for ways at improving not only the content of the material but the manner in which its member offices are informed of upcoming courses.

Chairperson Stanislav Kojokin

Golf Tournament

IBTR is pleased to host an annual golf tournament each June. This event is only available to members of our association. This event sells out quickly so members are encouraged to register early. We welcome all interested hole sponsors or prize donations to contact our Golf committee chairperson.

Chairperson Cory Hoffman

Friendship Night Committee

Each May, IBTR hosts our annual Friendship Night. This social occasion brings Insurance Brokerage Staff together with Insurance Company staff giving members a chance to meet face to face with colleagues they often speak with on the phone. In 2016 we celebrated our 25th anniversary. This annual event proves to be an evening that many people in this industry look forward to attending every year.

Chairperson Lynda Anderson
Co-Chair Anne DiBello

Community Outreach Committee

Our association supports many different community events and non for profit organizations such as
Million Dollar Smiles
Inn From the Cold
Vaughan Food Bank
RIDE Program
WE have sponsored various local grass roots sports teams
Make it Marry
Toy Mountain
… to name a few

Chair Frank Silla

Young Brokers Council

Chairperson Sam Jazayeri

Blog/Newsletter Committee

Chair Jurenda Jacobs

Social Media Committee

Chair Jurenda Jacobs

Summer Social & other Major Events Committee

Chair Andrea Raspa

Territory Chair

Territory Director Joseph Carnevale